Gov. Bonz leads CT Scan machine inauguration

Rev. Fr. Jun Bacit, SVD led the blessing and inauguration of the newly-installed CT Scan machine in OMPH

The Provincial Government of Oriental Mindoro through Dolor – Perez administration is constantly raising the bar of health services in the province by initiating programs and projects that are beneficial to its constituents.

Just recently, the newly installed CT Scan machine has been blessed and inaugurated which will surely provide the needs of Mindoreños. According to Gov. Bonz A. Dolor, the machine will cater to a maximum of 60 indigent patients per month and the service is free-of-charge.

“It is our dream to have our own CT scan machine that will ease the burden of our fellow Mindoreños. Because of this initiative, they will not anymore wait the line just to have them scheduled for the scan and the government will not anymore pay as much as 1 million pesos per month in private hospitals,” Gov. Dolor said.

He added that such cooperation with generous individuals and corporations will bring about possible results for the benefit of our fellowmen.

Also, a new pulmonary ward has been inaugurated in accord to the ‘adopt-a-ward’ program, another Dolor-Perez admin initiative. DMCI Power Corporation is one of the proponents of this program which donated hospital equipments and other necessities.

Meanwhile, another Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between PGOM and former governor Benjamin Espiritu has been signed as additional proponent of the said program. Mr. Espiritu donated a generous amount of around 3.5 Million pesos for the establishment of two additional wards in OMPH.

Gov. Bonz also pronounced the transfer of Botika ng Mamayan to OMPH, establishment of Red Cross blood council office and the possibility of having a Provincial Funeral Parlor, all for the benefit and service of Mindoreños.